Tuesday, March 14, 2006

ARE YOU SAVED BY JESUS as a political test in Kentucky

From: Stein, Kathy (State Rep.) (LRC) [mailto:Kathy.Stein@lrc.ky.gov]
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 7:48 PM
To: ashley.davidson@WBKO.com
Cc: alanm803@lexingtonlegends.com; chixnkidz@aol.com
Subject: Religious questionnaire
Sensitivity: Personal

Dear Ms. Davidson,

Thank you for allowing me to present my thoughts on the questionnaire
sent to candidates by Mr. Jeff Sharp.

Mr. Sharp is perfectly free to send out any sort of survey he wishes.
But just because he can do something doesn't mean that he should.

Mr. Sharp's questionnaire, asking the single question of people running
for office if they have accepted Jesus as their savior, poses a religious
test for office, and is highly discriminatory of non-Christians.
Unwittingly or not, persons who answer "yes" to the survey are participating
in religious discrimination. Mr. Sharp's reported shock over reaction to
what he calls "a simple little survey" is disingenuous. He and every other
politician know the potential negative consequences of revealing
non-mainstream religious beliefs. And his suggestion that he may share the
survey response with churches in the area of the candidate is nothing less
than school yard bullying-- i.e. "I will tell the churches in your area that
you are not Christian." His implication is clear-- answer this question
the "right way" or he will tell the churches on you.

I am certain that not all Christians share Mr. Sharp's values nor
appreciate his intimidating tactics. I hope that the children he is
teaching in the Sunday School class have also learned a civics lesson-- that
the Constitution prohibits religious tests to hold office.

I am also hopeful that Mr. Sharp will share with his students Section 5 of
the Kentucky Constitution which is even more clear about why what he did is

Kathy W. Stein

Richard Mitchell
Clergy & Laity Network of Kentucky

(859) 327-6277 (cell)


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